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Coordinating Center

Name Institution Role
Pamina Gorbach UCLA Co-Principal Investigator
Sue Siminski Frontier Science Co-Principal Investigator
Rachel Bolanos UCLA Project Director
Marjan Javanbakht UCLA Co-Investigator
Soyeon Kim Frontier Science Senior Biostatistician
Adel Ahmed Frontier Science Technical Lead
Alex Benns Frontier Science Project Manager
David Goss Frontier Science Designer/Business Analyst
Lynn Howells Frontier Science Data Mapper/Modeler
Jake Currie Frontier Science Software Engineering Manager

Steering Committee

The C3PNO Steering Committee features the principal investigators from each cohort.

Name Cohort Institution
Sue Siminski (chair) N/A Frontier Science
M-J Milloy ACCESS University of British Columbia
Greg Kirk ALIVE Johns Hopkins University
Shruti Mehta ALIVE Johns Hopkins University
Shenghan Lai HEART STUDY University of Maryland
Michele Kipke HYM Children's Hospital Los Angeles/University of Southern California
Richard Moore JHHCC Johns Hopkins University
Marianna Baum MASH Florida International University
Pamina Gorbach mSTUDY University of California, Los Angeles
Brian Mustanski RADAR Northwestern University
Kanna Hayashi V-DUS University of British Columbia
Kora DeBeck V-DUS University of British Columbia
Elizabeth Lambert N/A NIDA
Raul Mandler N/A NIDA
Soyeon Kim N/A Frontier Science

External Scientific Advisory Board

Person Institution
David Vlahov (chair) Yale University
Nabila El-Bassel Columbia University
Kenneth Mayer Fenway Health
Dan Werb University of California, San Diego

Internal Scientific Advisory Board

Person Institution
Grace Aldrovandi UCLA
Ron Brookmeyer UCLA
Judith Currier UCLA

Data Linking Expertise

Person Institution
Ben Schalet PROsetta Stone Group at Northwestern University