The Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO) project is a consortium of nine cohorts studying the intersection of HIV infection and substance abuse.

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What is C3PNO?

The Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO) is the coordinating center for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) U01 cohorts. C3PNO manages and stimulates the use of the NIDA longitudinal cohorts and addresses high priority research on HIV/AIDS in the context of substance misuse.

C3PNO is focused on cutting-edge science powered by the cohorts’ combined sample size of approximately 12,000 participants. We have assembled a team of researchers with global leadership in HIV prevention, clinical science and co-morbidities, behavioral science, immunology, modeling, and bioethics to work with NIDA program scientists to align and stimulate the highest impact science across NIDA-funded cohorts that have compiled unique repositories of varied and rich data.

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Researchers may request to use data collected by the C3PNO cohorts. You can search for available data on the Virtual Data Repository and then submit a concept to formally request data and specimens.

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